Counselling in our Westbury Community

In addition to working privately with clients I am also passionate about making counselling available to everyone. For those living in Westbury, Wiltshire and the surrounding villages we have set up the Westbury Counselling Service.

Working with our local charity Crosspoint (click here) we provide 1 to 1 counselling for up to 12 weekly sessions. We ask for a donation or contribution towards the work at Crosspoint for this service.

We are a small group of therapists normally working from Crosspoint Welcome Centre, Market Square and The White Horse Health Centre in Westbury. Currently we are continuing to provide counselling sessions mostly by working from home via Zoom or similar. 

To get this counselling help you need to live in the Westbury area to refer yourself to the service. We have a service for adults and one for young people age 14-18 years. Forms are at reception in the White Horse Health Centre and at Crosspoint Welcome Centre. Complete the form and return to reception at the Health Centre.We will then contact you when we have a space available.